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Rug Cleaning Tips

Simply Rug Cleaning provide a rug valeting and rug cleaning service using fully trained specialists for all rug types. Our staff are professional and reliable, and as a part of an independent company provide both a friendly and local touch.

We are also happy to share some advice and tips we have acquired over the years so that you can administer some first aid to your rug before you need to call the experts. Those annoying stains and spots can be difficult to get rid of and come in a multitude of guises, from red wine, coffee to oil. The key point is to act fast and correctly to sort out that stain. Please keep coming back as we add more tips and advice to this page.

General Cleaning Tips - Stains and Spills

All stains can be removed easier the earlier you get to them as this prevents them from setting. Never rub an area that has been stained; instead you should blot the area with a sponge or absorbent kitchen towel. You should also work from the outside towards the middle when blotting, as this will prevent the stain from spreading.

Liquid stains can be treated by dabbing carbonated water on the area before blotting to lift the stain to the surface. The more the spill can be blotted up as quick as possible, the less residue is left to stain the area.

Dry stains on the other hand should be kept dry and adding water will only make it easier for the stain to penetrate fibres. The best way to remove these stains is to vacuum the area or sweep away with a dustpan and brush.

Red Wine Spill

There are many suggestions on how to take out a red wine stain from a rug e.g. use white wine or salt on the affected area, but these usually have no use and can make the situation worse.

It would be better to use soda water to treat the area that has been tarnished and at the same time follow the instructions that you may have received when first buying the rug.

Save the white wine for your enjoyment not for cleaning, it would be such a waste!

Wax from a Candle

This can be a tricky one to get right, but if you have some clean brown paper and it place over the wax mark, with a warm iron not on the steam setting rub it over the paper so that it melts the wax.

Next you move the paper over the wax so it transfers the wax to the paper. If there is any residue left then use some surgical spirits to take care of it.

Removing Chimney Soot

If you have a house with a chimney and love a coal fire in the winter then you may have issues with stains on your rugs from soot. The nature of the stain i.e. dark can mean it is quite an eyesore and needs to be sorted asap otherwise the stain can spread. A few steps below could help remove the stain completely until you will never guess it was there:

  • Shake the rug to see if you can remove any excess soot, but be cartful not to spread the soot around going out side if you can would be best.
  • Gently lower a hoover over the rug without touching the fabric to catch anymore soot.
  • Now for the ingredients. Sprinkle over the affected area either cornstarch, baking soda or some other absorbent material and then you can leave it for an hour or so and then vacuum.
  • If you have a dry-cleaning solvent you could sponge the sooted area with this using a clean cloth, white is usually the best as you will be able see the soot coming off onto the cloth.
  • Keep at this until you have the deserved result! Good Luck!

What not to do!

The use of Washing Up Liquid

When you have a stain it can be tempting just to use washing up liquid to try and get rid of the affected area, but some of these products can be too harsh and could exasperate the problem also causing further permanent staining. If you choose to use this then you must make sure that the liquid has been properly rinsed out and nothing is left, as any residue could actually attract more dirt.

Top Cleaning Tip

If you use a solvent to remove a stain, never apply it directly. Instead, you should add the solvent to a cloth or paper towel and dab the surrounding area to soak up the stain.

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