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Simply Rug Cleaning provide a rug valeting and rug cleaning service using fully trained specialists for all rug types. Our staff are professional and reliable, and as a part of an independent company provide both a friendly and local touch.

Owner of beautiful rug? Hearing conflicting information about how you should be caring for it? Read our top 10 of things you need to know.

Info To Make Sure You Get The Most From Your Rug

1. Can’t I just vacuum it?
No. While regular vacuuming is necessary, it only really deals with the dirt on the surface. Experts recommend having a professional clean every 2-4 years. The longer you wait to have them cleaned, the faster they wear out; dirt is an abrasive and cuts into the carpet fibres, causing permanent damage.

2. Find the right company
Make sure that your ‘Rug Cleaning Experts’ are qualified to handle your rug. As with any industry, many companies claim to be experts before they can back that up with evidence. Do your research to ensure that your rug gets the best possible care. WE ARE THE COMPANY KNOW WHAT TO DO CORRECTLY!

3. Be wary of hidden costs
Most of us need to work within a budget to maintain our rugs, but be careful that you don’t fall prey to the ‘Bait and Switch’ sales tactic. These companies will offer a cheap price, perhaps even as little as £9.95 and then when they are in your home you are pressured into buying add-ons, that you had assumed would be included in the price. Despite this being illegal in the UK – there are still companies that use this tactic.

4. What can I do to prevent staining?
Never treat your rugs with ‘stain guard’ products. A good quality oriental rug naturally resists stains because of the high content of lanolin in the wool. Unfortunately, many mass produced rugs made today contain wool that has been heavily washed with chemicals. If you do spill anything on your rug, apply the following steps:

  • Immediately soak up any liquid with soft towelling/kitchen roll
  • Choose the correct solution: Detergent Solution (1 tsp washing up liquid, 2 cups of warm water), Detergent-Vinegar Solution (add 1 tsp of white vinegar to the Detergent Solution), Ammonia Solution (1 tbsp of household ammonia, 1 cup of warm water) or a Dry Cleaning Solvent. Never use household bleach.
  • Test the solution away from the stain. Then work outwards to inwards towards the centre of the stain.

5. Different stains, different solutions…

  • Blood, glue, gravy, ice cream: using a blunt knife, scrape up any excess. Use the Detergent Solution and blot dry. Then use the Ammonia Solution and blot dry.
  • Chewing gum, wax, nail polish: using a blunt knife, scrape up any excess. Use the Dry Cleaning Solution, then the Detergent-Vinegar Solution before blotting dry.
  • Wine: soak up the liquid, then clean with the Detergent Solution (always working outwards to inwards) using a little at a time. Blot frequently.
  • Urine: soak up the liquid and clean with the Ammonia Solution. Blot frequently.

6. Cleaning does not damage your rug
This myth began when rugs were damaged in the past by cleaning technicians who didn’t quite know what they were doing. They used strong shampoo, left it in the rug fibres and the rug took too long to dry – causing damage. Make sure that your rug cleaner knows what they are doing.

7. Rug Care

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Spot clean (see 4 and 5)
  • Rotate your rugs every 6-12 months. This will make them wear more evenly.
  • Check for insect damage and infestation. You are looking for eggs and bugs - if you find any, act immediately. In severe cases you may need your entire house sprayed.

8. Why use Rug Underlay?
Rug underlay acts as a cushion against everyday usage. It holds the rug in place and stops it from creeping. It also protects the carpet underneath.

9. Prevent damage from furniture
Use protective caps under the legs of furniture. Avoid placing any heavy items on your rug or any furniture that moves around – all will cause unnecessary wear.

10. Prevent water damage
Avoid placing plants on rugs in case of water damage. If you do, make sure that there is a waterproof barrier between the plant pot and the rug. Long term water damage can make the rug brittle and eventually the foundations of the rug will rot.

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